Stakeholder Tracking System©

Praxis developed the Stakeholder Tracking System© (STS) as a consultation tool to assist clients with information management for projects and activities involving interactions with stakeholders and business contacts. Offering flexibility, accessibility, scalability, and security the STS provides a solution for managing large volumes of data while maintaining data accuracy and integrity.

Flexibility: Its modular structure provides ultimate flexibility allowing Praxis to tailor the STS to the immediate needs of the client and to modify system features as the client’s needs change. The STS can also assist clients with capturing stakeholder information required for regulatory processes.

Accessibility: The STS is a web-based system accessible from any broadband internet connection. Based on open standards, it is compatible with most operating systems and web browsers. This means that both staff in the home office and those in the field can access and use the STS at any time from any place. The portal is password protected to ensure data security and to comply with both federal and provincial privacy of information legislation.

Scalability: The STS consists of multiple modules, which can be turned on and off depending on the client’s needs. Even features within modules can be turned on or off depending on the complexity of tasks and processes of any given project. The STS can easily be customized to support projects of any size. To date, the STS has been used for projects ranging from 400 to 40,000 stakeholders in a variety of consultation processes.

Security: To ensure physical data security, the STS is hosted on Praxis’ remote servers located within the Q9 Networks data centre in Calgary. Q9 Networks is a leading Canadian outsourced data infrastructure provider offering state-of-the-art data security and guaranteed 100 percent power supply and accessibility ( All remote access to the STS System is secured using 256 bit strong SSL encryption (Secure Sockets Layer).

Core STS modules:

  • Stakeholder Tracking
  • Document Respository
  • Calendar
  • Discussion Forums
  • Photo/Image Gallery
Other main features and sub-modules:
  • Integrated Mapping
  • SPIN II Land Data Importing
  • Importing and Exporting of Contact Data
  • Surveys, Questionnaires and Comment Sheets
  • Emergency Response Planning
To learn more about the many features STS offers, see our STS Brochure.  If you would like to arrange a personal demonstration or have questions regarding our customized STS packages, ranging from $249.00 to $1,999.99/month, please contact us at

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