Project Name

Alberta Land-use Framework: Public and Stakeholder Consultation

Alberta Sustainable Resource Development
Project Type
Provincial Government
2006 to 2007

The Land-use Framework (LUF) was a multi-ministerial initiative of the Government of Alberta (GoA) from 2005-2008. The LUF established an approach for governing and managing land, resources, and the natural environment in Alberta. The GoA contracted Praxis to design and implement a multi-phase public consultation process to solicit participation from the broad public, a range of stakeholders and Aboriginal peoples. Key activities included:

  • Planning and facilitating workshops with Alberta municipal officials and preparing a comprehensive summary report of the workshop proceedings;
  • Designing and executing a two-day key stakeholder forum. This involved designing the forum strategy; developing the agenda, conference materials and facilitator and recorder guides; and preparing a comprehensive final report of the stakeholder input;
  • Producing the educational document “Understanding Land Use in Alberta;”
  • Developing a workbook survey (web-based and hardcopy) to solicit input from the public, and compiling, summarizing and preparing a quantitative and qualitative report of the results;
  • Developing a web-based Stakeholder Portal based on Praxis’ Stakeholder Tracking System©;
  • Designing the engagement process as well as facilitating and summarizing all meetings for the four-month multi-stakeholder working group process; and
  • Conducting and recording the regional information-gathering sessions with First Nations and Métis groups throughout Alberta.

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