About Us

Richard Roberts founded Praxis in 1980. With nearly 30 years of success and an established reputation, the Praxis Team continues to serve clients in a multitude of sectors undertaking a diverse and exciting range of projects.

We are experts in public consultation and survey research. Praxis professionals bring expert knowledge in qualitative and quantitative research to each and every project. With a core team of professionals leading projects, Praxis has over 30 contractors who participate in a wide range of assignments.

Recently, Praxis has spearheaded or participated in a number of strategic partnerships, forming specialized project teams for local, national and international clients. We have taken the lead in developing interactive technologies and in pioneering the use of state-of-the-art online surveys.

Featured Project

Cenovus Awareness and Adverstising Study

Cenovus Energy contracted Praxis to create a nationwide telephone survey. The Praxis Team designed the survey to collect information regarding the public’s awareness of Cenovus Energy as well as their opinions and attitudes regarding the Company and how it conducts business. The survey also touched on issues regarding…