Socio-economic Impact Assessment

Praxis has tackled a range of social, economic and cumulative effects impact assessments for both large and small scale projects. Complimenting our work on impact assessments, we also offer our clients expertise in benefit-cost analysis, non-market valuation, and human use and environmental quality studies.

Socio-economic impact assessments (SEIA) anticipate, identify and measure the likely effects that developments or policies have on social and economic conditions in a given community or region. Through SEIAs the Praxis team can provide project planners, community leaders, and government decision-makers with information they can use in weighing the potential impacts of a project.

Featured Project

Cenovus Awareness and Adverstising Study

Cenovus Energy contracted Praxis to create a nationwide telephone survey. The Praxis Team designed the survey to collect information regarding the public’s awareness of Cenovus Energy as well as their opinions and attitudes regarding the Company and how it conducts business. The survey also touched on issues regarding…