Socio-economic Impact Assessment

Praxis has tackled a range of social, economic and cumulative effects impact assessments for both large and small scale projects. Complimenting our work on impact assessments, we also offer our clients expertise in benefit-cost analysis, non-market valuation, and human use and environmental quality studies.

Socio-economic impact assessments (SEIA) anticipate, identify and measure the likely effects that developments or policies have on social and economic conditions in a given community or region. Through SEIAs the Praxis team can provide project planners, community leaders, and government decision-makers with information they can use in weighing the potential impacts of a project.

Featured Project

Calgary Vital Signs: Grader Survey Report

Praxis Research has conducted the Calgary Vital Signs study, annually, for The Calgary Foundation since 2007. The study is an annual check-up, which measures the vitality of Calgary, identifies significant trends, and assigns grades to areas critical to the quality of life in the city. Vital Signs is intended…