Project Name

Alberta Parks: Survey of Alberta's Priorities for Provincial Parks

Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation
Project Type
Survey research

In the summer of 2008, Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation commissioned Praxis to conduct a study of Alberta park users to assess their views regarding park programs, facilities, and services. The research and consultation efforts focused on park visitors, as well as non-visitors, which included individuals who had not visited a provincial park in the last three years.

Praxis employed two complimentary research methods to obtain users’ perspectives on future priorities for provincial parks. A province-wide telephone survey was used to gather representative feedback from users and non-users of Alberta’s parks. In addition, Praxis sent field teams to provincial parks to meet with visitors and to invite their participation in an online survey. Participants without internet access had the option to complete a mail-back survey. The field teams visited a wide range of park types and sizes, from the small 10 to 20 site campgrounds along the David Thompson highway, to the largest and busiest parks in the province.

Upon completion of the field work, Praxis compiled and analyzed the data gathered through both phases of the study providing the Ministry with a comprehensive final report.