Praxis Core Team

One of Praxis’ greatest strengths is our capacity to build project teams to meet the strategic needs of our clients. Our key professionals bring expert knowledge in public and stakeholder consultation, survey and market research, and quantitative and qualitative methods.

We draw on an extensive network of external contractors and researchers to build teams tailored to particular tasks. They draw from Praxis Partners, Praxis Contractors and Praxis Consultants.

Our extended group of experts bring specializations in social and economic impact assessment, benefit-cost analysis, Aboriginal relations, graphic arts, information technology, parks and recreation, land-use planning, environment, corporate social responsibility, health, public education, social and cultural policy.

Featured Project

Cenovus Awareness and Adverstising Study

Cenovus Energy contracted Praxis to create a nationwide telephone survey. The Praxis Team designed the survey to collect information regarding the public’s awareness of Cenovus Energy as well as their opinions and attitudes regarding the Company and how it conducts business. The survey also touched on issues regarding…