Survey and Market Research

Praxis provides our clients with relevant and actionable information based on rigorous social science research studies. We offer a wide array of research options depending on the specific needs of each client. Our professionals have successfully designed research strategies for projects ranging in size from small community-based surveys to national public opinion polls for public, private and non-profit sector clients.

Among the many research methods we use are state-of-the art telephone surveying, internet and intranet surveys, self completed mail/fax back surveys, intercept surveys, observation surveys, expert interviews, focus groups, and more. Praxis also has experienced moderators and facilitators to meet client needs for qualitative research.

Most importantly, Praxis has the capacity to develop research that will drive your corporate strategy and help you to make effective decisions. We do not simply design surveys, we develop strategic information. Our senior professionals assist clients in every sector to maximize the value of their research investment.

Featured Project

AADAC: Alberta Youth Experience Survey

Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission (AADAC) retained Praxis to conduct a benchmark study of adolescent behaviours in Alberta regarding alcohol, tobacco, other drugs and gambling. Praxis worked with AADAC to develop the Alberta Youth Experience Survey, which will also be used in the future to obtain current, relevant…