Public and Stakeholder Consultation

For nearly 30 years Praxis has successfully undertaken hundreds of public and stakeholder consultation programs across Canada and internationally. We are known for our customized and innovative approach to the design, development, implementation and evaluation of public and stakeholder consultation programs.

We design programs that provide organizations the opportunity to identify common interests and concerns, craft appropriate responses, and meet regulatory requirements. We use a wide range of research methods to support our consultation programs. Praxis has prepared public consultation manuals, undertaken needs assessments, and evaluated consultation programs. We have also written, lectured and advised extensively on the theory, practice and techniques of public and stakeholder consultation.

Our record demonstrates that effective public and stakeholder consultation can be more than a means to an end. It can be an end in itself, generating a permanent dialogue that will ultimately improve the quality of an organization’s decisions and provide it with future benefits.

Featured Project

Recreational Vehicle Camping in Alberta: A Demand and Supply Side Perspective

In 2009 Praxis Research conducted a study of recreational vehicle (RV) campers and campgrounds in Alberta for Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation. The study assessed the extent to which Alberta's campgrounds are adequate in numbers, condition and diversity. The study used primary and secondary sources including print and web…