As specialists in public involvement, Praxis also develops training modules for clients. Generally, these are supplemental to the broader public involvement process.  Our citizen training programs have three main purposes: 1) Provide participants with sufficient technical background to participate more effectively; 2) Help citizens to work together more effectively; and 3) Teach citizens about a particular topic so they can subsequently train others.

Our citizen training modules incorporate a variety of formal and informal techniques depending on the project’s goals. Examples of the tools we commonly use include seminars, workshops, simulation games, round-table discussions, and audio-visual materials.

In addition to citizen focused training modules, Praxis professionals also train facilitators and develop comprehensive tool kits to enable clients to plan and host their own forums.

Featured Project

Ghost-Waiparous Access Management Plan: Consultation Program

Alberta Sustainable Resource Development (SRD) crafted an access management plan for the Ghost-Waiparous area of the Rocky Mountain Forest Reserve. The access management plan identified a course of action and key directives for managing recreational off-road vehicle (OHV) use and random camping in the area.

SRD contracted Praxis to design…