Rob Stuart

Human Environment Group (The HEG)

Rob Stuart is a senior partner with the HEG, a Calgary-based consulting firm. He has nearly two decades of experience working in Canada and internationally.  His clients include multi-stakeholder groups, Aboriginal communities, government and industry.  Internationally, Rob has undertaken projects in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Rob has facilitated dozens of public engagement programs for the electrical sector, oil industry, and the provincial and federal governments.  His responsibilities have ranged from leading the facilitation of multi-stakeholder advisory groups to implementation of public consultation programs for a variety of stakeholders. In addition, Rob has completed a variety of studies for public and private sector clients including land/resource use, and micro-enterprise development.  Rob has mediated disputes between stakeholders and is a member of the Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society.

Rob Stuart is a regular collaborator with Praxis. Over the last years Praxis and the HEG have worked together on numerous projects.  Rob’s work has included multi-stakeholder facilitation, public participation, and socio-economic impact assessment.

Featured Project

Encana: Corporate Responsibility Stakeholder Consultation (2006-2007)

EnCana contracted Praxis to design and implement a comprehensive stakeholder consultation process. The program objectives included determining stakeholders\' knowledge of EnCana; understanding external perceptions of EnCana\'s approach to corporate responsibility; and identifying strategic gaps at the corporate level.

The first phase involved a random telephone survey of 2,700 individuals from…