Research Methods

At Praxis, we bring depth and breadth of knowledge and experience to a range of quantitative and qualitative research methods, including the following:

With extensive experience in quantitative research, we offer a full range of services, from designing the survey instrument through to the distribution, collection, and statistical analysis of the data as well as report production.  We have experience in structuring surveys to ensure reliable and valid responses in data sets ready for analysis, providing our clients with rapid and accurate results from large volumes of surveys.

Similarly, public and stakeholder consultation processes often generate large volumes of subjective information.  Experts in qualitative research, we are able to analyze the data and prepare the report in a coherent and timely manner. This provides our clients with actionable information that can be used in their decision-making and planning processes.

In both our quantitative and qualitative research we use well known software applications including SPSS for statistical analysis, and QSR N6 and Atlas.ti for qualitative data analysis.  These applications can effectively manage large volumes of data while providing powerful analytical tools for code-based inquiry, searching, and reporting as well as documenting all stages of the analysis process.

Featured Project

Alberta Land-use Framework: Public and Stakeholder Consultation

The Land-use Framework (LUF) was a multi-ministerial initiative of the Government of Alberta (GoA) from 2005-2008. The LUF established an approach for governing and managing land, resources, and the natural environment in Alberta. The GoA contracted Praxis to design and implement a multi-phase public consultation process to solicit…