Strategic Advisory Consulting

As strategic advisors we provide our clients with an objective perspective on an issue. Our approach ranges from brainstorming sessions with our client to preparing high level scans to background research.

Our team of consultants bring expert knowledge, understanding and practical experience to a number of core functional areas including government policy and regulation, environment, economic analysis, social impact assessment, community evaluation, and Aboriginal relations. As strategic advisors, our years of experience allow us to share proven approaches, lessons learned and best practices with our clients.

We can assist clients with issue scoping; identifying key challenges and opportunities; coordinating research and analyzing data; identifying and assessing key stakeholders; developing strategies and approaches to mitigate anticipated challenges; and drafting key performance indicators. Much of our work in this area focuses on social, economic, community and environmental scoping for oil sands and energy related projects that are in the initial planning stages.

Featured Project

Cenovus Awareness and Adverstising Study

Cenovus Energy contracted Praxis to create a nationwide telephone survey. The Praxis Team designed the survey to collect information regarding the public’s awareness of Cenovus Energy as well as their opinions and attitudes regarding the Company and how it conducts business. The survey also touched on issues regarding…