Survey and Market Research

Project Name

Cenovus Energy Stakeholder Engagement 2010 &2012

Cenovus Energy
Project Type
Private Sector
2010 to 2012

Cenovus contracted Praxis to design and implement a study to learn about the public’s perceptions of the oil and gas industry, the oil sands, and Cenovus’s operations.  Praxis created a nationwide telephone survey to collect information regarding the public’s awareness of Cenovus as well as their opinions and attitudes regarding the company and how it conducts business.  The survey also touched on issues regarding the development of Canada’s oil and gas resources, generally, and the information channels that communicate industry-related information to the general public and stakeholders.  Praxis generated analytical reports based on national, provincial, and business unit level data. As part of the study, Praxis conducted telephone interviews with key stakeholders in the three of Cenovus’s operating areas – northern Alberta, southern Alberta and southern Saskatchewan.  The purpose of the interviews was to determine the effectiveness of Cenovus’s communications and to understand how Cenovus is perceived within its operating communities and how well the company is working work with its community partners and other stakeholders. Praxis conducted in-depth telephone interviews with over 75 stakeholders using a standardized interview guide, analysed stakeholder input, and prepared independent reports for each geographic region. Having established a baseline in 2010, Cenovus contracted The Praxis Group™ to replicate the study in 2012. Random sample telephone surveys were performed in five provinces and three operating area, and key stakeholder telephone interviews were completed in November and early December 2012.  The objective of the interviews was to learn about stakeholders’ impressions of Cenovus, identify areas where the company is performing well and areas for improvement, and to determine if impressions or performance changed over the past two years.