Public and Stakeholder Consultation

Project Name

ConocoPhillips Canada 2009 Community Engagement Survey

ConocoPhillips Canada
Project Type
Private Sector

In Fall 2009, Praxis conducted a Community Engagement Survey for ConocoPhillips Canada (CPC) to gather stakeholders’ and Aboriginal community members’ perceptions and views of the Company’s performance regarding community engagement and sustainable development practices. Praxis delivered the survey across three of CPC’s Canadian Business Units: Oil Sands, Western Canada Gas and the Arctic.

Praxis designed and delivered the survey online. To create awareness of the survey, Praxis mailed an invitation letter to each stakeholder, which included the survey website address and the participant’s survey password. The link also ensured quality control. Hardcopies of the survey instrument were made available to participants upon request.

The survey instrument consisted of scale and open-ended questions generating both quantitative and qualitative data. After analyzing the data, Praxis compiled the quantitative and qualitative results from which it prepared a summary of findings report for each BU. Praxis also delivered a Powerpoint presentation to CPC staff, offering a comparative analysis of the findings across the BUs.