Report Writing

Writing effectively for a target audience is a challenging task, and one that the Praxis team does extremely well. Written components of projects, such as reports, discussion papers, or roll-up summaries are a critical element of any project.

The Praxis team brings years of experience and a broad range of capabilities to its reporting assignments. We produce discussion and background papers; topline, analytical, summary, annual, technical and trend reports; and plain language syntheses of complex documents for target audiences. We adapt and combine reporting methods to meet the specific goals of each client.

Featured Project

Calgary Vital Signs: Grader Survey Report

Praxis Research has conducted the Calgary Vital Signs study, annually, for The Calgary Foundation since 2007. The study is an annual check-up, which measures the vitality of Calgary, identifies significant trends, and assigns grades to areas critical to the quality of life in the city. Vital Signs is intended…