Project Name

ConocoPhillips Canada's Aboriginal and Community Engagement Study

ConocoPhillips Canada
Project Type
Private Sector

In Spring 2008, ConocoPhillips Canada (CPC) contracted Praxis to conduct an Aboriginal and community engagement study to understand external perceptions of CPC’s stakeholder engagement and sustainable development performance. The study assessed public and stakeholder awareness, perceptions, and understanding of CPC where it had or was planning activities in three of its Canadian business units.

The project consisted of two phases. In phase one, Praxis developed and conducted a random public telephone survey across the business units to measure public awareness and public perceptions of CPC’s performance. In phase two, Praxis assembled field teams to conduct in-depth one-on-one interviews with stakeholders across the business units to gauge their understanding and impressions of CPC. After analyzing the data, Praxis compiled the quantitative and qualitative results into a series of reports and presentations.

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