John Readwin

RISC Inc. – IT and Website Specialist

John Readwin brings both depth and breadth of IT knowledge to Praxis’ clients.  Working in the computer industry for over 20 years,  John has gained expertise and knowledge in a multitude of computer related areas. These areas include inventory and asset management, system deployment, website design and custom databases to name but a few.

Working in the corporate IT arena as well as managing the IT needs for small businesses, John has developed custom database solutions for a broad range of businesses, including travel, manufacturing, inventory management, and numerous service businesses. John has also leveraged his database expertise to design and deploy database driven websites and e-commerce solutions.

Running his own web-hosting, design and IT consulting business for over nine years with clients from Calgary to Toronto has provided John a broad range of experience and knowledge in many aspects of the computer industry.  These include web-based technologies; html, css, lasso, php, email, DNS, and MySQL; and most mainstream desktop applications (e.g. Office, Filemaker).

Featured Project

ConocoPhillips Canada's Aboriginal and Community Engagement Study

In Spring 2008, ConocoPhillips Canada (CPC) contracted Praxis to conduct an Aboriginal and community engagement study to understand external perceptions of CPC's stakeholder engagement and sustainable development performance. The study assessed public and stakeholder awareness, perceptions, and understanding of CPC where it had or was planning activities in three…