Praxis Partners

Praxis created Praxis Partners to enhance our ability to provide clients with a broad range of expert knowledge and practical experience. This approach also strengthens our capacity to undertake project work throughout Canada and internationally.

  • Louie Azzolini, Terra Firma Consultants – Socio-economic and environmental assessment, and community planning
  • Rabel J. Burdge – Social impact assessment
  • ELM Consulting Group International – Health, safety and environmental management
  • Gilles Gauthier – Tourism research, sustainable development and policy development
  • Miles Scott-Brown, Integrated Environments Ltd. – Strategic environmental and social planning
  • Michael Warner, SNSI Limited – Social and environmental impact assessment, tri-partnership building and partnership brokering

Featured Project

ConocoPhillips Canada's Aboriginal and Community Engagement Study

In Spring 2008, ConocoPhillips Canada (CPC) contracted Praxis to conduct an Aboriginal and community engagement study to understand external perceptions of CPC's stakeholder engagement and sustainable development performance. The study assessed public and stakeholder awareness, perceptions, and understanding of CPC where it had or was planning activities in three…