Praxis Partners

Praxis created Praxis Partners to enhance our ability to provide clients with a broad range of expert knowledge and practical experience. This approach also strengthens our capacity to undertake project work throughout Canada and internationally.

  • Louie Azzolini, Terra Firma Consultants – Socio-economic and environmental assessment, and community planning
  • Rabel J. Burdge – Social impact assessment
  • ELM Consulting Group International – Health, safety and environmental management
  • Gilles Gauthier – Tourism research, sustainable development and policy development
  • Miles Scott-Brown, Integrated Environments Ltd. – Strategic environmental and social planning
  • Michael Warner, SNSI Limited – Social and environmental impact assessment, tri-partnership building and partnership brokering

Featured Project

Calgary Vital Signs: Grader Survey Report

Praxis Research has conducted the Calgary Vital Signs study, annually, for The Calgary Foundation since 2007. The study is an annual check-up, which measures the vitality of Calgary, identifies significant trends, and assigns grades to areas critical to the quality of life in the city. Vital Signs is intended…